Night on Earth

Jarmusch and the everyday

Suarez writes:

Night on Earth seems to suggest that there is something inexhaustible about quotidian experience. A simple taxi ride, the most random of encounters, brings us into contact with personal depths and complexities that are difficult to account for (page 80).

What do you think of this assessment of the film and how it shows us ordinary experiences and encounters? How is m-e-s used to this effect? Can you apply this analysis to Stranger than Paradise, too?


Film Analysis: NIGHT ON EARTH

Below are images from Night on Earth for use in the Film Analysis assignment. Write an analysis that considers all five of the images and what elements of mise-en-scene recur in, or connect, the frames.

Remember, you only need to do a Film Analysis for two of the three films in this second group. Night on Earth is the second film in this group.

At 15:10:


At 44:03:


At 62:10:


At 79:47:


At 103:13: